Core Competencies in the Field of Family Support

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The Wisconsin Core Competencies in the Field of Family Support describe the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to ensure professionalism and success, whether as a home visitor, parent educator, or in another family support position.

The purpose of the Wisconsin Core Competencies in the Field of Family Support is threefold:

  • Ensure high-quality family support services for families in Wisconsin.
  • Increase recognition of the professional experience, training, and education that parent educators, home visitors and other family support professionals bring to their work.
  • Encourage high standards of quality for professional development and training of professionals who work with families.

The Core Competencies are composed of two modules: one directed at family support professionals and one targeting managers in the field of family support. Each of the modules consists of eight core competency areas. The Core Competencies are designed to serve as a framework which family support providers and managers can use to guide professional development and determine future training needs.

​The Professional Development Portfolio is designed to help individuals keep track of their trainings and professional development experiences that relate to the core competencies. Below are the files for building a portfolio.