Core Competencies for Family Support Professionals​​​

The Wisconsin Core Competencies for Family Support Professionals​, revised in 2022, outlines the types of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that support and advance the professional development and growth of parent educators, family resource providers, supervisors, and other positions of leadership in the field of family support. The Core Competencies are divided into two sections, one for direct service providers and additional competencies specific to supervisors and leadership. Each section outlines appropriate content areas for that audience.

Direct S​​ervice Provider Core Competencies Content Areas

  • Child and Lifespan Development​
  • Dynamics of Family Relationships
  • Guidance and Nurturing - Parenting Skills
  • Health and Safety
  • Diversity and Family Systems
  • Relationships Between Family, School and Community
  • Family Support and Parent Education - Principles, Research, Methods and Approaches

​  Direct Service Provider Core Competencies Resources:​​

Professional Practice and Self-Care Supervisor and Leadership Core Competencies Content Areas​

  • Best Practices in the Field of Family Support
  • Program Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Marketing and Outreach
  • Fund Development and Budget Management
  • Personnel, Staff Development and Supervision​
  • Community Advocacy and Collaboration
  • Public Policy, Advocacy and Involvement

  Supervisor and Leadership Core Competencies Resources:

Code of Ethical Conduct for Family Support Professionals

The Wisconsin Family Support Professional Code of Ethical Conduct provides guidelines for professional behavior within the daily practice of family support programming which benefits children and their families. These guidelines show the public and members of the profession the principles and values that guide professional practice for family support staff.​​