Fact Sheets

Social Media and Youth Mental Health

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Social media can be both beneficial and harmful to adolescents, depending on how it is used, and the strengths and vulnerabilities of the individual user. The Prevention Board created this fact sheet to inform parents and caregivers about social media benefits and concerns, and to offer some recommendations on what families can do to protect and ​guide their children's digital use. ​​

Epidemic of Loneliness

​Social connections, the relationships and interactions we have with friends, family, and members of the larger community, are as crucial to our survival and ability to thrive as food and water. According to a 2023 Surgeon General’s advisory, the United States is experiencing an epidemic of loneliness and social isolation. In this fact sheet you can find tips for parents and caregivers and learn more about healing effects of social connections.​