​Family Resource Center Quality Assurance

Family Resource Centers are key to the Prevention Board’s community investment plan and approach to strengthening families. Each FRC tailors their services to the families they serve and their community needs. This is a strength and an opportunity for FRCs​.

The Prevention Board has s​​​pearheaded a process for aligning the infrastructure of FRCs across the state, so that families participating in an FRC in one part of the state are met with the same approach to services as families in another part of the state. The process includes the following components:

  • Integration of quality standards​ ​​​and protective factors frameworks​ to guide both organizational structure and everyday practice.
  • Use of the Core Competencies for Family Support Professionals​ to guide professional development and increase employee capacity. 
  • Commitment to intentional focus on diversity, equity and inclusion for the families and communities they serve. 
  • Purposefully fostering parent leadership and incorporating parent voice into their organizational feedback processes.
Ten FRCs completed the inaugual infrastructure process between July 2021 - June 2023. These ten FRCs are now eligible to apply for the WI FRC of Quality accreditation. 

​In Wisconsin, the FRC Network is Supporting Families Together Association​ (SFTA). SFTA is a member of the National Family Support Network ​(NFSN), a membership-based organization comprised of state networks of Family Resource Centers working together within a collective impact framework to ensure coordinated quality support for families. ​SFTA exists to develop ​and support an effective network of family support systems and early care and education systems which brings quality, strength-based services to all Wisconsin communities. To learn more or to become a member of their network, visit their website