Partnering with Parents

Incorporating parent voice and supporting parent leadership development is an integral aspect of the work of the Prevention Board. Parents are the best resource for understanding Wisconsin caregiver, child, and family needs. They bring insight and enthusiasm to the task of identifying and implementing strategies that support family strength building for their own and for other families in their community and state.

Incorporating Parent Voice and Leadership

The Prevention Board has a strong commitment to eliciting and utilizing parent voice and building parent leadership including:
  • Recruiting parents to act as reviewers for procurements issued by the board.
  • Utilizing parent focus groups consisting of parents representing diverse gender, race, ethnicity, location, family structure and economic categories.
  • Paying parents equitably for their time and knowledge used for board, grant or partner activities.
  • Integrating parent leadership into FRC infrastructure development by providing funding to pay for parents and for a portion of staff time devoted to parents, including parents in communities of practice, and supporting the development and implementation of parent leadership training for FRC staff.
  • Requiring and providing funding to have a Parent Co-presenter at every Bringing the Protective Factors Framework to Life in Your Work training.
  • Soliciting parent feedback on public awareness and curriculum materials created by the Prevention Board.