Agency Overview​​

The Prevention Board was created by the Legislature in 1983 as the lead state agency on child abuse and neglect prevention efforts in Wisconsin. The agency’s work is grounded in the strengths-based Protective Factors Framework utilizing a public health model implementing a continuum of primar​y prevention strategies to strengthen families. The Prevention Board promotes and supports community-based, family-centered approaches to strengthen families protective factors and prevent child abuse and neglect. The Prevention Board's work focuses on policy, professional development, programming and public awareness. Current agency brochure. To learn how the Prevention Board efforts to realize our mission and vision, see What We Do

Through the Celebrate Children Foundation​, a nonprofit fundraising entity created by the Prevention Board, resources are leveraged to further advance prevention efforts.


Mobilize research and practices to prevent child abuse and neglect and strengthen families in Wisconsin.


Every child in Wisconsin grows up in a safe, stable and nurturing environment.

Prim​ary Goal

​​ Prevent first time occurrences of child abuse and neglect across Wisconsin utilizing strategies that are equitable and inclusive of all rural, suburban and urban communities and residents.​


​Guiding Principles

The Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board staff recognizes that to effectively support families’ strengths and prevent child maltreatment we must engage our partners with dignity, cultivate and practice inclusivity, embrace diversity, and uphold equity. To that end: 
  • We are committed to creating a culture within our agency where staff and partners have a sense of belonging and know their contributions to strengthening families are essential to our success. 
  • We are committed to recruiting and retaining a staff that is inclusive of all races, religions, genders, sexual orientation, physical abilities, backgrounds, and philosophies. 
  • We are committed to supporting family-serving professionals and agencies that are inclusive of all families and reflect the communities they serve.
  • We are committed to supporting family-serving organizations in their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts to engage and serve families. 
  • We are committed to using and handling data responsibly to support family well-being; applying ethical principles of transparency, fairness, and respect to how we treat the data that affects people’s lives.  ​