Family Resource Centers​

What is a FRC? 
Family Resource Centers (FRCs) serve as welcoming hubs of services and opportunities designed to provide resources to strengthen all families at no or low cost. They are community focused, reflecting and responding to the specific needs, cultures and interests of the communities and populations they serve by providing a unique combination of classes and services tailored to the families within their service area.

FRC use a primary prevention approach offering strengths-based services universally and grounding their practice in the five protective factors​. FRC services provide parents and caregivers with educational opportunities that offer tools, and strategies to support healthy child development and enhance parenting competence. They also serve as a bridge connecting caregivers to one another and to valuable information about community resources. 

FRCs across Wisconsin offer five categories of services:
  • Parenting Supports
  • Resource and Navigation Services
  • Child Development Activities
  • Parent Leadership Development
  • Community Engagement
FRCs also value partnerships to meet the wide and varied needs of the families they serve. They link families with community-based resources and serve as a referral source for families to more intensive or targeted services outside of those they offer. ​