Handouts for Parents/Caregivers

Abusive Head Trauma Prevention

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This brochure serves as the required shaken baby syndrome prevention information to parents under Wis. Stats. §253.15 and contains educational information on normal infant crying. Available in English, Spanish and Hmong. Organizations can add their logo and contact information to the back of the publication and print internally, or order directly from Document Sales and Distributions website. ​

Punishment vs. Discipline

Punishment vs. Disciplline: How they differ and why it's important is ​a three-page handout providing caregivers with information about the difference between punishment and discipline. The handout is available in English and Spanish

Quality Time

 All children from newborns to teenagers NEED and WANT quality time from parents. This two-page flier provides caregivers with explains of quality time and ideas on how to give your child quality time. All children from newborns to teenagers need and  want quality time from parents.The flier is available​ in English and Spanish​.




 This brochure provides tips for buying toys

 for children.