​Parent Education​

Every parent needs information and support at some point along the parenting journey. Positive parenting guidance provides parents and caregivers with knowledge, resources, and support to develop skills that enhance child and family well-being, including a better understanding of child development, the ability to respond appropriately to a child's needs and coping skills to sustain them through the challenges of parenting. Parenting requires continuous learning and growth to accommodate children’s changing needs. Every family learns as they go. ​​

Parent Education is part of the Family Strengthening Approach toward interacting with parents. Universal access to strategies, resources and programming for any parent or caregiver, according to their needs, creates community conditions that strengthen families. Parenting needs to adapt as children grow, so the types of strategies, resources and programs available to parents must reflect the range of ages, stages and abilities across childhood. ​

The Prevention Board prioritizes evidence-informed parent education programs through competitive funding opportunities. In addition to funding, the Prevention Board technical assistance and supports partners also implementing these programs.  Our goal is not just to prevent abuse and neglect, but rather to strengthen families. Research has shown that evidence-informed parent education promotes safe, stable and nurturing relationships, thereby reducing the likelihood of child maltreatment. Positive parenting practices have enormous impacts on children's social, emotional, and intellectual development, particularly during the early years. They strengthen the parent-child relationship, which parents appreciate because they recognize the importance of this development to their child’s overall well-being. Furthermore, when children display healthier, less challenging behavior, parents are also more likely to enjoy their parenting role. ​  

The map below includes parent education providers. 

Parent Educato​​r Providers


Res​​​ourc​​es and Links

The Prevention Board has created a couple of parent resources. 

  • Babies Cry, Be Prepared​ - this publication is for parents and caregivers with a newborn. The publication provides information on crying, strategies for the caregiver ​​​to remain calm. The brochure is available in English, Spanish and Hmong. It can be download for free or can be purchased through Document Sales​. This publication can be provided to parents at hospitals, well baby visits, Welcome Baby ipackets, from Family Resource Centers or at child care providers.
  • ​Quality Time. All children from newborns to teenagers NEED and WANT quality time from parents. This two-page flier provides caregivers with explains of quality time and ideas on how to give your child quality time. All children from newborns to teenagers need and  want quality time from parents.The flier is available​ in English and Spanish.
  • Punishment vs. Discipline​: How they differ and why it's important. This three-page handout provides ​​caregivers with ​information between punishment and discipline. The handout is available in English and Spanish. 
  • COVID-19 Guides

The Prevention Board supports implementation of the evidence-informed parent education programs through its competitive grant making process. Programs are grounded in the Protective Factors and strengthens-based. For more information on programs:​