Universal Services for Newborns​

While the birth of a child is a joyous family event, it can be a stressful transition. Every family needs information and support when a baby is born. Parenting requires continuous learning and growth to accommodate children’s changing needs.
Universal access to strategies, resources and programming should be available for every parent or caregiver, according to their needs. Access to parenting and child development knowledge and resources creates community conditions that strengthen families. Strong families are essential to the well-being of children, and especially beneficial during the first three years of a child’s life, which are critical periods for brain and social and emotional development. 

A comprehensive Family Strengthening Approach includes providing universal access to services for families with newborns. Programming can be provided to families of newborns at the hospital, during pediatric visits, through a home visit or in community-based organizations. 

Regardless of the type of service, the program should be voluntary, offered to all families with a newborn, designed to maximize the health, safety, and security of the baby and caregivers; foster the development of a a strong parent-child relationship; and facilitate access to additional support services, when needed.

The Prevention Board doesn’t currently offer competitive funding for any specific model. However, the Prevention Board is required by state statute to have materials for abusive head trauma prevention​/shaken baby syndrome prevention, that currently is Period of PURPLE Crying. 
Below is a list of well researched programs for families of newborns.

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