​Parent Cafes

A parent café is an event that appeals to a wide variety of parents, because they can gather and share their stories, their experiences, their worries, their fears, their wisdom without judgement. Such sharing builds community and strength. Because open communication is encouraged and supported, parent cafes become places where parents learn that they are not alone in their struggles to manage their families and households.

Parent Cafés are a proven methodology designed to elicit meaningful, reflective conversations that promote leadership and collaboration. They bring parents and caregivers together for a series of structured conversations that address protective factors​. Café participation strengthens parent and caregiver relationships and leadership skills, as well as building their family protective factors. Parent cafés also provide an opportunity to connect parents to beneficial resources. 

The Prevention Board is supporting Parent Cafes through a competitive funding opportunity. Cafes are a part of the Family Strengthening Approach because they are a primary prevention service that can be offered universally  and are grounded in the​ protective factors​.

Resources and Links

There are a couple of cafe models. The most common cafe model offered by Family Resource Centers​ and other community-based agencies in Wisconsin is from Be Strong Families. Below are links to learn more about the models.