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The Wisconsin Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board promotes public awareness and education of approaches to building family strengths and reducing the likelihood of child abuse and neglect. Help raise public awareness about preventing child maltreatment and enhancing child well-being in your community. Spread the word, create interest and encourage those in your network to get involved. 


Wisconsin Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month Public Awareness

The Prevention Board partners with the Department of Children and Families and Prevent Child Abuse Wisconsin (PCAW), a program of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services, to create a yearly Prevention Month Toolkit. This effort is designed to help promote and strengthen child abuse prevention efforts in Wisconsin.  Although April is National Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month, communities are encouraged to participate in activities that show their commitment to supporting safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments for children and families throughout the year.

2020 Prevention Month Toolkit

National Child Abuse Prevention Month 2019

2019 Prevention Resource Guide



Five for Families campaign logo

Five for Families is a statewide public awareness campaign developed as a universal prevention strategy. The primary goal of the campaign is to increase knowledge of the Protective Factors Framework. Five for Families translates this framework into everyday language for parents, caregivers, friends, neighbors and community members to message the 5 essential strengths that keep every family strong. 

The campaign features an interactive website,, with information on each of the 5 Strengths, exercises that guide understanding and offer new ideas for building family strength and a place to share what makes your family strong. A toolkit was created to support partner efforts to include Five for Families language and materials in their existing outreach and communication efforts. 


Five for Families Toolkit




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Abusive Head Trauma Prevention Public Awareness

Each year, the Prevention Board and the Celebrate Children Foundation organize the CLICK for Babies: Period of PURPLE Crying Caps campaign to help create awareness of the Period of PURPLE Crying and prevent shaken baby syndrome.  To learn more information about the CLICK for Babies campaign and ways you can get involved, please visit our CLICK for Babies campaign page.