​April is Family Strengthening Month​

Please join us during Family Strengthening Month this April to help strengthen all Wisconsin families promoting Five for Families in your community. Below are Five for Families promotional materials (and tips for using them) that you can share each day during the month of April and throughout the year. Included in this toolkit are the following:

  • Remember the 5 Strengths Digital Flyer
  • “5 in 5 Challenge" Digital Tip-Sheet
  • Social Post Series for Facebook and Instagram
  • Campaign Promo Website Graphics and Copy
  • Prevention Month Five for Families Press Release Template
  • Billboards
  • Print Ads/Posters
  • :30 Produced Radio Spots
  • :15 and :30 Broadcasters' Live Read Scripts

Five for Families Toolkit and Social Media Materials

Five for Families Con​tent Calendar​​​​

If you have any questions about media material content, please send an email to lamia.kosovic@wisconsin.gov​​​​​. 

​​New Social Media Graphics for Facebook and Instagram 


         download (777x518)                                        download                                          download


          download (777x518) ​     ​                                   download                                       download

10793_PB_PrevMonth_Toolkit_WebButtons_Social_FB 4.jpg10793_PB_PrevMonth_Toolkit_WebButtons_Social_IG 1.jpg   10793_PB_PrevMonth_Toolkit_WebButtons_Social_FB 5.jpg

           download (777x518) ​                          do​wnload ​ ​     ​​                                  do​wnload ​ 

10793_PB_PrevMonth_Toolkit_WebButtons_Social_FB 10.jpg

             download (777x518)

New Website Buttons​

 download (181x361)   download (241x441)  download (301x551)

New Five for Families Digital Flyers ​